5 business strategy tips for your small business

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Optimizing the limited budget is a necessary part of any small business strategy. Be it a one-person operation or 100 employee business, efficient use of the budget is always warranted.

Efficient use of budget in a sound business strategy means proper allocation of fund for different activities depending on the priorities and importance of business activities.

Usually for a small business, one of the most ignored business areas where investing money is considered to be a risky task is advertising. What is important is to understand that advertising need not always be expensive or costly affair.

It is, therefore, necessary that right business strategy is adopted so as to ensure the maximum gain with least investment and complications.

Here are some useful business strategy tips that will help you improve the efficiency and productivity of small business in a significant way:


  1. Defining your audience and determining the right communication methods for the spread of your business message

    Whenever you have a business, you need to know who your probable customers are. If you are a startup business, people from your own local community are the best set of customers who can be easily attracted towards your business.Once you are clear with your target audience, you can accordingly design awareness programme for your business using the optimal channel.Right methods or channels such as local events, community programmes, local fair or community meetings etc can be used effectively to create awareness about your business.Even the online social portals and local business listing sites can be used effectively for spreading word about your business online.

    Putting up some discount coupons at the back of the cash receipts of the local supermarket can be another method to attract your local customers to your business.

    Coupons offer significant discounts on a wide range of business products /services which becomes a great way to entice the customers for instant purchase on a large scale.

    Though coupon decreases the margin of profit on the sale of an individual product but it increases the volume of sales and number of customers therefore, the overall profit becomes quite high within a short interval of time.

  2. Setting periodic goals for your businessFor the success of any business, setting the goals on a weekly, monthly or annual basis is essential. A well-designed plan is a must to achieve a set of business goals.Your business goals should be well defined and to achieve this, attaining the highest focus is the key. Be focused to your business goals and objectives and you’re bound to achieve them successfully.

    Your goal should be specific and realistic that could be achieved within a specific time-frame.So, be focused and achieve your business goals successfully.

  3. Using low budget,  effective awareness programmes for your businessWhen you are dealing in small business, it is a wise business strategy to not invest huge in your business intitally. Therefore, to expand your business, it is essential that you look for some of the affordable methods that could spread awareness about your business significantly.

    One of the fastest and affordable ways to increase the number of your customers is to offer them some discounts on various business products/services. The discount can made available to your local customers by printing coupons for your business products/services on the cash receipts being delivered to the local customers.

    So, get your business coupons printed at the back of the cash receipts and make your customers aware about your business products or services easily and quickly.

  4. Motivating your staffFor a desired business outcome, the role of talented, inspired and motivated employees and staffs is very important. This brings about great improvement in your employees’ performance which in turn ensures the overall growth of your business.

    There are three important ways through which employees or staffs could be motivated:

    Rewards: Offering suitable rewards to the employees can be a great way out to encourage your hard-working employees. Rewards like tickets to a fair, exhibition or major sports event can offer great pleasure to your employees. Rewards may also be made available in the form of coupons/offers or deals on purchase of certain products from nearby stores for your employees.
    There are many business owners that you contact for various offer or discounts on their products to be awarded to your employees.
    All this will create great excitement and enthusiasm among your employees to give their best at work.

    Recognition: Once certain accountability is assigned and if the employee does exactly what is expected of him/her, the employee must be recognized and applauded. This will give him/her a lot of happiness and will ultimately get encouraged to do much better.

    Growth opportunities
    : Employees always look for a workplace that could ascertain their growth both in the short term as well as in the long run. So, it is suggested that you create a workplace that could offer multiple opportunities for your employees’ growth. This will encourage your employees to work whole heartedly and with all strength.

  5. Taking a short breakRunning a business requires hard work. Especially, in case of small business as it requires extra effort for maximum utilization of resources available.Sometimes, it may happen that you get tired and bored of doing the same thing again and again. In that case, what is needed is to take a few days break so that you could do the work with more vigour, strength and enthusiasm when you get back to your work. 

So, let’s use the right business strategy to increase the efficiency of your business!

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