5 business ideas to reach out to your valued customers.

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When the budget is tight, everything seems difficult to manage. When it comes to business, defining a budget has its own special place in allocating money on different business activities including advertising.

So, using the limited budget efficiently and effectively is crucial for any business. Especially, when you are a small business owner, a small budget has to be used optimally for different business activities.

If you have a small business, the people in your neighbourhood are most easily accessible and therefore, their probability to become customers is always high. Therefore, it should be your endeavour to first create brand awareness about your business among customers in your own neighbourhood.

Let’s take into consideration some of the business ideas to spread awareness about you without investing too much for your business.

  1. First and foremost you can think of organizing small meetings with the known people of your community. This will spread the awareness about the business from one person to another. These meetings with the community people not just help bring a good number of customers to your business in the very initial stages but also in the later stages of your business.In other words, word of mouth can be one of the most powerful tools to attract customers without any extra strain on your budget.

    As part of “word of mouth” marketing, the customers should be encouraged for more and more referrals by rewarding them or by offering them good discounts on their purchases. This will encourage your potential customers to build a relationship with your business on a regular basis.

  2. As part of increasing awareness about your business, it is also recommended that you keep adding a few extra features to the existing products without increasing the price of the products/services if the overall costing of the product allows you to do so. Even if you increase the price, it should be marginal so that the profit margin is not much compromised.This is a great business idea that will certainly motivate your existing as well as previous and potential customers for more purchases. This even can prompt your existing customers for more referrals.
  3. If you have a business, you must have employees. These employees can play an important role in spreading the word about your business products/ services. For this, the idea is to provide some kind of incentives/ attractive discounts to the employees for bringing more and more referrals to your business.In a way, loyal and satisfied employees can be used both in enhancing the productivity of your business as well as in promoting your business products/services.

    The highly valued employees can even be utilized more efficiently in spreading the word about your business/services. You can empower your employees for distributing some of the business products to some of their known friends or relatives to encourage them for more purchases from your stores/shops.

    Not just that, employees can even be utilized to create awareness about your business through some events like conferences, exhibitions or seminars etc.

    Such events can certainly motivate the participants to visit your business store/shop to buy the products or avail the service you offer.


  4. Spreading awareness through online platforms: Since your local customers can visit your store conveniently and therefore, highly loyal, it is essential that they are targeted using the right platform.Since a large section of people today use the internet on laptops or smart phones etc, it is important that online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other such social media are used appropriately. This will create awareness about your business among the online users and more precisely you can do so targeting customers from your own locality.

    Another important thing about social media is that even your followers can help promote your business using the same platform among their known circle or network.

    You can, thus, spread the word about your business using the online platforms and promote your business online without much difficulty.

    Sometimes, the business content posted by you may get viral online. This proves to be instrumental in boosting your business by leaps and bounds.

    You can even list your business on local business listing sites so that the local customers could have an access to your business details easily whenever they look for your business category through the search engines.


  5. Offering attractive discounts, gifts on purchasing business products: Discounts or attractive offers on buying certain number of items or on buying items of certain amount, motivates your customers for buying in bulk, especially during the festive seasons and are a great business idea. 

    Printable coupons can be a great way to make your customer know about the physical presence of your business as they are likely to visit your store or shop with the coupons for buying the items with attractive offers or on sale. 

    If the customers are satisfied by the good deal they get, they are more likely to spread a positive word of mouth about your business among other potential customers which can go a long way in your business promotion and subsequent business growth. 

    So, couponing or offering discounts by advertising at the back of cash receipts at a local supermarket or on an online website can be highly useful in bringing a huge number of customers to your businesses or services.

So, use the above-discussed business ideas to spread the word about your business for better business prospects!

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