Sandwiches For Everyone

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As a child, submarines were always an object of my desire. To captain a sub and take her off to venture the uncharted depths and taste the flavor of victory by relinquishing foes was the ultimate object of fascination.
As I grew up, taste of victory was soon replaced by taste of savory mouth watering fruits, vegetables and meat glazed with sauces and melted cheese and topped off with pickles and spices. All of this goodness clubbed in the middle of melt in mouth bread making a beautiful Submarine sandwich.

Made In America

Originating from the United States, the submarine sandwich has paved its path connecting the entire world in its wake. Unfathomable combination of the most colorful ingredients form across the globe has made the submarine sandwich one of the most celebrated dishes in the world. From a complete healthy vegetable filled breakfast to tongue tempting sauce grazed, cheese laced meatball sandwich of sin, it’s hard to believe that one dish can have such polar recipes.
SO what would you like to have today? Some delightful discounts are waiting for you!
Talking about all these sandwiches has made us really hungry and the temptation is far too much to control now. We have decided to have an Italian BMT on some Italian style bread after getting our coupon RIGHT HERE.
What are you waiting for?

Buon appetito!

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