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Valentine’s Day – The celebration of love.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It is indeed one of the most celebrated days of the year. A day when lovers all over the world meet each other to celebrate their love and pay homage to the patron of love Saint Valentine. No other day in the calendar has the power to convey your love to that special Read more [...]

Promise Day – The sacred thread of trust

A promise is a sacred oath made from the heart. In our promised we show the divine site of humanity and follow our words through to the one we have given them to. A promise is the light of hope that comes from our deepest feelings and brings folly to the darkness inside us. It is a pact that binds us Read more [...]

Chocolate day – The sweet bitter divinity of love.

Cocoa bean in many cultures is believed to be the food of gods and has been closely associated with divinity. Even in today’s era chocolates are closely related to love, passion and intensity. Tomorrow is Chocolate day. Coming after propose day, chocolate day is the perfect time to show your love Read more [...]

Rose Day – The proclamation of love

Today the celebration of love begins. Today the world begins to revel in the beautiful fragrance of love. Today is the first day of valentine’s week. Today is rose day. Roses are the official mascot for love and Love is beginning to spread its beautiful essence in the air. From time eternal roses Read more [...]