How to Use Your Coupons

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First of all, we want to greet our CouponEasy users and readers a very Happy New Year!

That said, a new year means new resolutions. Topping most lists is to save more money. So what better way to save money that to put those coupons you collected into good use!

Using coupons to really maximize your savings means that you will have to actually do some work.  Read on to learn how to really get the most out of your coupons.

Match Up Coupons With Sales

It can seem like a poker game sometime in knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. In the coupon “game”, playing your coupon at the right time can really save you money. If you match up an item on sale with a coupon, you can really increase your savings — sometimes even getting free products!

Coupon Stacking

Stacking is when you stack two or more coupons together to save even more.  This is allowed when you have both store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons. Be sure to pay attention to quantities on coupons when stacking.

Present Your Coupons in The Right Order

Always use coupons in the right order. That way, you can really take advantage on the savings. Otherwise, if you use the coupons, you could fall below the required purchase amount and then not be able to use this coupon. So be sure to read the fine print.

It can be tricky to learn how to use your coupons.  You will make some mistakes that might result in you paying a little more than you should have.  However, with time and practice, you will learn exactly how to play the crazy coupon game like a pro.

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