Do’s And Don’ts of Couponing for Ensuring Extra Savings Income

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Did you know coupons can be an amazing source of supplemental income? Yes, they can be if they are used smartly. The trick is not to go overboard and save only those coupons that are actually useful during your every day shopping trips.

Here are a few smart tricks (some Do’s and Don’ts) associated with couponing for additional savings.


  1. Look for suitable coupons while doing online/ offline shopping for attractive offers. Not everyone is an “extreme couponer” like you see on TV. Don’t waste your time collecting binders full of coupons if you’re not actually planning on shopping for the products associated with each coupon. Be very selective; this saves you time and energy in the long run.
  2. Like many other things in life, take couponing seriously. Many people dismiss couponing before giving it a fair shot because they think “it’s just not worth it.” Remember,  coupons can help you pay less for items you would already be purchasing anyway, which could serve as a stepping stone for saving money.
  3. Try finding coupons offered by your favorite grocery stores, and local shops and restaurants. Using coupons does not mean changing your lifestyle, it means living the same exact lifestyle, but more economically.
  4. Use printable or mobile app coupons instead of conventional coupons as it can stop cluttering your home, wallet and purse significantly.
  5. Read the coupon message carefully and completely. Even the most experienced couponeers often make the mistake of not reading the fine print. Your time is too precious; don’t end up wasting your efforts because the coupon has an exclusion that you missed.
  6. Keep a close watch on the expiration date of the coupons, a rookie mistake that many people make. Often implied in subtexts, expiration dates are one snake you do not want to get bitten by.
  7.  Always remember to take your relevant coupons while going to stores so that you don’t have to turn back to your home again. Just the other day I was out at a shopping center and thinking about stopping into my favorite shoe store: only to realize that I had left a coupon they sent me at home. There’s nothing more frustrating that purchasing something at whole price when you could have gotten a discount had you remembered your coupons.
  8. Make sure your cashier offers you the right discounts. Check your cash receipts and calculate if the right discounts have been applied without mistake. It’s actually a fairly common occurnace for discounts and sales to not ring up correctly, espcially when using a coupon that the cashier might not be used to seeing. Vigilance is essential for saving.


  • Don’t let coupons change your shopping list just so you can “save.” Remember, coupons are more about spending less than buying more.
  • When shopping online, never use sensitive information like your credit card number to get coupons. Online scams are  a real thing you must be cautious of. Online coupon distirbutors have no reason to ask for your credit card information.
  • Don’t be so committed to one brand if you can get a better deal on a brand you haven’t tried before. Instead, choose the best deal.
  • It’s great to be a loyal customer to a brand, and we all have habits that can be hard to break, but make sure the brand you’re staying loyal to beats or at least competes with what their competitor’s price.
  • Don’t spend countless hours searching for coupons when you can find the right ones in a moment with just a few clicks. There are several printable coupon websites, mobile apps, and coupon books that make it easy for you to find all the coupons you need in one place.
  • Avoid visiting the store during busy hours. Plan your day accordingly to save yourself from the hassle and get a stress-free and comfortable shopping experience.

So, learn the right method of couponing for greater savings on all of your shopping!

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