Ad Design Tips From Your Fellow Sales Rep

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Good coupon design is essential to pleasing your customers and helping them obtain maximum exposure to their target audience. For a newcomer, designing an ad can be an overwhelming process. Where do you start, and what elements matter the most? The following guidelines were provided by RTN’s South East region sales rep Jomayne Reister:

What are the top 3 most important elements of an effective ad copy?

  1. A strong, compelling offer. Some examples include “Buy 1, Get One Free with the purchase of 2 drinks” for a restaurant. “$19.95 Oil Change” for an auto repair shop. “$5 off Any Purchase of $20 or more” for a gift store.”
  2. The logo of the business and correct contact information.
  3. Background color and using at least 1/3 of the ad space for their offer. The offer is what will grab a prospective customer’s attention first.

 How do you choose background colors for an ad?

“I try to incorporate their logo and use colors that will complement that. I also use a different background color for the coupon if it works with the ad design to ensure that the coupon stands out.”

coupon What is the significance of a picture on an ad? Do you think pictures are essential? 

“If there is enough room. I think if it is a small sized ad, the most important information to have on the ad will be the logo, address, phone number and 1/3 of the space dedicated to their offer.

If the customer is only using the ad for exposure and not including a coupon, for example an insurance agent, an attorney, or realtor, a picture is essential. Prospective customers will notice their picture before their logo or business name.”

coupon2What are some of your most valuable personal improvements since you began ad design?

I have seen a significant improvement in my renewal rate by using strong compelling offers. Sometimes our customers don’t know what a strong offer looks like so I had to learn how to help the customer understand why a strong offer is important for a good redemption rate and how to recommend better offers to that customer.”

What are some of the most common mistakes you think someone just starting out could make in the ad design process?

“I think it is important to point out that an attractive ad and offer have a huge impact on the response rate our customers see and in turn the renewal rate we as sales reps can expect. Some mistakes I think new reps can make is not using a background color, not using enough space for the offer, not pointing out exclusions or boundaries in the small print (for example on an oil change coupon we need to specify the amount of oil included in the special and makes/models excluded from the offer), leaving off a phone number or address and not using a strong compelling offer.”

coupon3What advise would you give those just starting out? 

“I recommend remembering Who (logo/business name), What (coupon), and Where (address and phone number).

Also, take a look at ads that have brought in a good return. Those can be found on the recommendation letters we have available on the intranet site.

It may also be a good idea to run the ad copy by the manager before it is sent in and asking for their input on it.”

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